Olivia - Bizzounce

Текст песни Olivia - Bizzounce

[Olivia - RAPPING]
Fuck conversation, I'm a throw him a lever
Leaving the crib with a Dear John letter
I'm takin' what I need, nigga, fuck all your cheddar
Fuck all your jewelry and fuck all your cars
You ballin'
While I'm wishing on stars
Won't have me wildin', while you puffin' on jaws
Have me in the crib, all fanny and bras
While you in the Benzo, messin' with broads
Have your face in another bitch's twat (I'm a get your ass)
Go ahead, playboy, that's how you get shot
And I ain't even like that, silly nigga
But I'm hurt, and I'm filled up with liquor
Ponderin' on, if you really feel her
Only a man can make a girl a killer
And with a nine like this, my nigga
Don't sleep, I'm a creep on your behind, my nigga

Chorus: Olivia
I'm about to bizounce
I can't take this shit no more
Picture frame broken, daddy
Cause I can't trust you
I'm riding high now
So nigga, fuck you

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 1)
Driving in your Benzo
Shinned up Lorenzo
Ash tray filled with endo
Tossed it out the window
Being as fast as the ash blow
Leave a nigga, fuck ya cash flow
I got my own account
And it holds a nice amount
I'm a come back for my clothes
And come back for my Roles
You can keep them other hoes

Nigga, that's how the game goes
And if you didn't know
Better ask somebody, baby
Should've treat me like ya lady
Nigga, I gotta bizounce

Repeat Chorus Twice

(Verse 2)
Fuck conversation
I'm throwin' you a letter
Keep them platinum credit cards
Keep all of your cheddar
That shit don't mean nothing to me
No, nothin' to me (No, nothin' to me)
Cause I'm tired of you stressin' me
Tired of you stressin' me
Scent of perfume in ya clothes (In ya clothes)
Messing with them silly hoes (Silly hoes)
Got me feelin' miserable (I'm miserable)
Filling it up with Hen and coke (It's on)
Sleeping with the enemy (Bitch)
Boy, you don't wanna fuck with me
Don't wanna fuck with me

Repeat Chorus Twice

Hook: Olivia
I ain't never comin' back no more
I know you heard that shit before
I don't ever wanna see your face
Faded pictures on my makeup case
Should've known what you missed at home
Now you rollin' on with no one to bone
You ain't ever gonna eat ToTo
Not from me, it's
No, no

Repeat Chorus Three Times

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