Olivia - Whoadie

Текст песни Olivia - Whoadie

Whoa whoa whoa whoa
It's all love whoadie (Bounce bounce)
Show me love whoadie (Oh-oh oh-oh)
It's all love whoadie (Bounce bounce)
Show me love whoadie
Show me love whoadie (Ooh)
It's all love whoadie (Bounce bouce)
Show me love whoadie (Oh-oh oh-oh)
It's all love whoadie (Bounce bounce)
Show me love whoadie
Show me love whoadie (Ooh)

Sit between my legs
Let me braid your hair
Whisper in your ear and tell you how much I care
Bitches be hatin' me
Mad at what I got
A baller, rag top, deep and somewhat slack
And if some heat comes
He quick the rat tat tat
My killa got my back
And its like that
He gives me what i want
Pay all my bills
I got a soldier and I'm riding
Cause I know it's real

You know you're mine whoadie
That ain't no lie whoadie
You put it down anytime and you're fine whoadie
You get it krunk whoadie
Yo system bump whoadie
You got it goin on I'll forever be your shorty

You my love thing
My number one man
I ain't got to worry bout nothing
Cause you'll get me skrilla
And when we're makin love
I like how you do dat there
Can't nobody come between all the love we share

When you was on the run
Duckin' 5-O
Don't know where to go
Know where I stash your doe
I ain't never gonna lie
I ain't never gonna snitch
Play my nigga out
I ain't never dealin with that shit


Petey Pab get you all that you asking for
You ain't never gotta worry bout nothin no more
You can call me the Candyman
And I'm tryna set you up in my Candyland
Gingerbread house, pepermint stash, icecream tires
On top of my Benz (mmmm)
Girl is you ready for the things you ain't never seen?
It's high as the mountain top
Petey gonna give you the Martin Luther dream
And I mean it
Fine as you is
You the type of girl that makes a man wanna have some kids
When I was locked up doin that six years bid
Never think I'ma see the world again
You were right there
Me and you with all it is
Can't wait to get a crib so I can move you in
Your homie, your lover, your friend
You held it down for your man
Your friends can't tell you shit
You ain't seen it, I ain't did it
That's when a brother knew it's time to quit
When he finds something he loves
Stronger than this
Girl you gots to feel the way I feel
Fo sure damn I'm in love for real
Damn I'm in love for real (bounce bounce)
Damn I'm in love for real
Damn I'm in love for real


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