Omikron - The Great Lesson

Текст песни Omikron - The Great Lesson

You got too far away,I can't reach you hand.
The feelings we had were just a mirror of our fear.
Or not.
The sky has been so perfect and we refuse to see that.
Feelings are just the way we talk on the otherside.
It is.

The OUR creation swallow us,while we can't raise our knecks.
We celebrate our evolution till the time we see no colors.


Near, the despair is like a wicked judge who hates us.
It really is,even we think we're so important.
Far, the same despair is a lesson for all these years.
A lesson to the mankind.

The OUR creation swallow us,so we can't raise the knecks.

We celebrate our creation till the moment we see no colors.
The OUR sons now have us,called lovely as machines.
Just now we wait Heaven to save us,but it won't.


Choking,we cry.
Choking,all this new life.
Cry,there's no more chances to our fleshes.

The OUR creation swallow us,so we can't raise the knecks.
We celebrate our creation till the day we see no colors.
We played all our life thinking we could be like God.
So,blind,we cloned ourselves,without thinking if it was evil.

Just cry,you need this body no more.

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