One Fate - Seconds

Текст песни One Fate - Seconds

I'm tired of feeling this way, and trying to cope with the pain
I don't want to feel it anymore
I know that tomorrow when I wake, I'll wonder the same old thing
What is this life really even for?

I have this gun in my hand, nobody here could understand
That I am nothing but useless
Tears are streaming down my face, I just want to get away
What's the use in all of this?

10 seconds and I'm dead, I'd rather die instead
Of feeling this way every day

Goodbye to all my friends, I think this is the end
I'm leavin' this place, for heaven

I guess I'll see you there someday
I'd stay but there is just no way
I cant wake and stand another day
So this is my final request
Remember me when they lie me to rest
I have to see what comes next

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