One Hand Clappers - Dip And Drive

Текст песни One Hand Clappers - Dip And Drive

do you want to take off this weekend
we can drive up through all the states in new england
the comfort of you there in the front seat navigating
it's so much better with you next to me
i wouldn't sell this memory for anything at all
we just dip and drive and chase the foliage in the fall
will we ever be you and me?
your proximity isn't close enough to me
displacement in my dreams i'll never be a man
i failed to find a reason that i let go of your hand
i guess we all grow old
i guess i was just scared
this feeling left is cold
i had to get the hell out of there

please talk for awhile and keep my tired eyes awake
this is what i love
sometimes my world needs a little break
you are there for me
and i am so thankful
you may say that tomorrow is just another day
but i know that
with you i will drive away
nobody has ever seen my words like you have
and nobody knows how to hold my hand
drive to another town and never come back
sleep under the stars in my sleeping bag
we'll never forget the conversations and everything we saw

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