One Hour Photo - Looking Back

Текст песни One Hour Photo - Looking Back

Looking Back

Theres nothing more that I miss
than kissing you on you lips
And Ill never forget
the first time we met.
At the party with our friends.
I didnt know you then
but i wished that I did.
I was shocked the first time
that you talked to me.
I couldnt believe what
an awesome personality.

Lets go out again we'll have fun
and remember when,we were happy.
There was nothing better than it.
So lets park the car,
lay in the grass and
hold you to my heart,
while you wish apon a star.
Wishing for something more
more than you ever had before.

We can go to the lake again
do you remember when
we would sit on the edge of glass
and look way out past
where the sun shines at the waters end
and where our dreams began.

we thought things would never end
and nothing would be better than
spending eternatity together

Lets pull back in
to our favorite drive-in
I turn the radio on
but we wont listen
well lay the seat back so the screen looks dim
and all i canhear is your heart beating.
When we kiss I breath you in
I share in your dreams
and the love that you believe in.

Do you remember how it felt so right
that homecoming night
when we dance together our first time
i held your hand in mine
and looked into your eyes
it seemed we were frozen in time
Lets go back and find.
The love that we though we would never leave behind.

Please take my hand tonight
and together we can find
what feels so right
Let me hold you in my arm so tight
and fall in love with me again tonight.

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