One King Down - Indifferent Now

Текст песни One King Down - Indifferent Now

you turned your back on me after i opened so much for you you'd see i was always there if you'd only turned around but your eyes are averted as you stand on your own and your warm embrace has dissolved into a cold and empty look no longer will i play your game time after time, standing in line you keep your melancholy my support is gone i withdraw from your twisted affection i withdraw from your traps and snares i withdraw into my corner indifferent now, to you, not here how do i erase these marks you've made your barbed hooks have left me swollen to remove the staines you've left on me i must cleanse myself of this emotion my heart lies broken by words unspoken to live is to suffer through hurt and regret the pain is all i know a tortured heart a functionless mass gone cold numbed by the pain of the world now indefferent to all emotion your presence makes me sick the fire inside has been extinguished the pain of the burning is all that's left so i embrace it, this suffering lie a functionless mass lies broken it ceases to pump lacerated, a worthless lump lies cut now form my scars my torn feelings now turn to scars a crust, a callous a shield to hide from the pain the emotion once evoked no longer burns the pain has made me immune a hole, where once was warmth now in a icy void sits my tormented heart that you've destroyed i withdraw from laughing i withdraw from feeling i withdraw from your tender tough i withdraw from the pain of this flesh i resign myself to earth and stone

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