One Less Reason - Better Days

Текст песни One Less Reason - Better Days

[Verse 1]
Now you're looking like you've lost your best friend
There's no use in pretending
That you need no one to call your own
When you're sad and alone
And you're hiding out and you're feeling like you have gone so far
But you made it no where
And you're looking like you're blaming this on me

Don't wanna quit
I never hurt like this
You said you'd love me
But you'd never commit
Maybe this is it
Why do I feel like this
Maybe I got everything I deserve

[Verse 2]
Now you're looking like you finally know what you should have shown me
But you couldn't say that your heart was broke
You were scared, you were lonely
But you lip it shakes and the tears on your face
You thought you had it all until it fell to pieces
And you scream so loud Boy stop giving up on me
Sometimes I hate you but


Just know I feel much better since I wiped that smile right off your face
Tell me hows the weather in your small glass heart
On your better days did it rain


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