One Voice - My Angel

Текст песни One Voice - My Angel

My Angel

1st Verse:
As I sit and think about yesterday
I feel the pain inside (Oh yeah)
All the troubles that burden my mind
They can't be pushed aside
So I'm counting on your love to guide me home
Through these chapters of my life (uh huh)
You're my angel through the storm
(And you know I'll always love you)
You're what keeps me going strong

Don't you know that mama you know I love you
And if I could I'd build my world around you
Why did you have to go away
I'm missing all those sunny days
You see they come and go but still those empty feelings
Goes on and on dear lord I pray for healing
Wishing that you never went away
I'm never gonna be the same

2nd Verse:

Even though you're not
Here with me today
I still feel you around me
In every single way

Missin' the times that you would hold me close
When I needed you the most (uh huh)
Wiped the teardrops from my eyes
And walked me through the storms of life

I loved you enough to let you go
'Cuz your spirit will live on and on
I put all my faith inside of you
So you'd know my love is strong

And your soul it lives within me
For all eternity
(It lives on and on and on)
(And you know I'll always love you)


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