Onelinedrawing - Your Letter

Текст песни Onelinedrawing - Your Letter

There's your letter
there's you on my floor
there's you in the corner
there's me, wondering what this is for

Have you finally met her?
Is it to say you wish for me only the best?
I hope you never get her
I hope it's saying how you know now there's nothing left

I read your letter
I read it five times now
but I still don't get it
All this shit about memories and you and me and the way it used to be
and how you half-regret it
and how it feels so good to get it off your chest
I wish I never read it
Makes me wish i was the one who left

Oh, I need a letter

but not that kind
I don't need a letter to help me remember what is not (what was never) mine
Oh, I need a letter but not that kind

Still got your letter
It's sweating in my hand
with a note that says 'come get her...

she was never in love again.... she's waiting in line again'

Oh, I need a letter
but not that kind
You need a letter to help you forget her,
cleanse your conscience, let you be blind

Oh, you need a letter but not that kind, well

I hope you never get it.

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