Onward - Reawaken

Текст песни Onward - Reawaken

I recall, the day of the fall
Betrayal from brothers, bloodlines broken
No one but me from these eyes I can see
I heard only silence, disloyaling quietus
Discontented some else, a nightmare
From the dream, from then alone
Without a home, a cursed limbo
An army defected, the loyal are lost
Believers are not dead
They just only sleep

Sleep and dream of your own memories
See a time of reawakening
Realization now

Now the sun of our morning shall rise
Dawn has broken
Know the vengeance from you open eyes
Reawaken all

Wage the war, fight all once more
Relive the sound of purest power
Born in the wilds, from desperate we feed
We'll black out the silence from our own evil
Gather 'round to make the sound

A nightmare for their dreams.
No more alone, we'll find the home
And cleanse the dead minds
New army gathered, the loyal are found
Believers are restless, time for us to wake

Wake and live once again to the memories
You forsaken
Sleep is always the home of your misery
Reawaken now

Now the sun of our day remains high
Never Broken
Chase the mind-washing sleep of the night

Now and forever side by side
We'll seek the taken
Find and return all the rage to their eyes

Reawaken! Never will my heart be stolen
Reawaken! Never will my mind be shaken (heed the call)
Reawaken! False ones now your bones will shatter (one and all)
Reawaken! Time is ours and onward we will march

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