Onward - The Next Triumph

Текст песни Onward - The Next Triumph

Part I: Remembrance

At the end again my autumn wind will blow
I've returned to a place once lived
A cold cave filled with tears
A lost retreat from the storm that came
And killed green lands now barren
I remember, remember so well
This place I left long ago
Back with the lost by the Road of Lose
The sorrow, so hopeless, the dark it smothers me
The past of spring gave damn to here
Victorious I led my own exile...from here

Now winter's come to freeze my core
By fire I shall warm
The winds will howl yet I will hear song
Through dark of night I await the dawn
The prize I once had the life I then lost
Was written, recited and challenged by the same
Soul that sits and waits not long
For once I found my way

Once is all too much
Yet twice seems not enough
For failure need

Yet without dark, no light
A side of sadness mine
Even through death I'll find (my triumph)
There is no true horizon
That I won't sail, succeed or fail

Part II: Reawakening

I dare myself the will

Every garden has a wall I must climb
Every triumph is a journey
Every road has a destination

Why do mine lead all to dead ends?

Every day I lose ten hours for another's profit
My free time will just get postponed
Just to sleep and face the next day

Promises were never fulfilled
But never broken
I have gotten good at waiting
Such a thing for me to practice

For my future's never certain
My past is in stone
And I know the more things do change
The more I'll just remain insane

Today is not good for dying
No reason for my fear (to stop me here)
Strong is the wind of triumph
That's ever-coming clear
My day is near

Once is all we want
But once is not enough
For triumph's need
(It's when we see)
Born the light from dark
The sadness is now far
My death no longer alive
I'll stay alive

My true horizon the sea I'll sail
Succeed or fail
(I am my will)

No looking back into the black
My triumph's clear
My triumph's here

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