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Текст песни Onward - The Seven Tides Of Labyrinthine

Dream forever, forever I dream

Ten thousand galaxies away
Rests the world of hallowed waters
Two suns that shine on Labyrinthine

Reflections of the seven crescents
Icons of the gods once worshipped
Control the lands of seldom seen

Shifting, rising, falling

Seven centuries pass by
The seventh cycle tide arrives
Seven levels mark the worth of men - divided
The low - A barren expose of non-high covers all but cream of men
One land exists above the oceans amethyst garden

Lost whispers (calling)
I am one man with two dreams inside
Shared by my last kingless queen

Dry above the waters high
Lie the sifts of cirrus tower
Keeps cold and dry my love unseen
Safe is she from waters raging
Cold death will I soon be facing
Unless my call will make me king

Endless waters rising

Denied - passage to the towers climb
The wall that's safe from the sixth tide
Near is the high water that we have forever

The mark - chosen for me at birth
The worth - of my heart unbounded
No sea of judgment can decide the fate that dreams make

Feel me (softly)
When your almond eyes close out the light
Hear the voices in dark waves
(the promised sound of sleep)
Tides are rising (from your tears)
Not from moons or science theory
Lonely is your mind of dreams, awake
hear my answers

And one heart will keep beating

Awake to a returned sunlight sky
For my dreams have christened
The sole one is me that breaths
The sea - I am chosen
Away - from this lifeless land seen today
Hand in hand I meet my queen
The air of honor is whole again
We now descend

One together
The end of loneliness we shall achieve
The emerald sky also has eyes
Still forever
Or at least until the life in our eyes die
Our oceans still create the rain
And soothes our sleep

Dream forever, forever I dream

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