Onyx - Boom!!

Текст песни Onyx - Boom!!

[Verse 1 - Fredro Starr]
Hey yeah, we're coming in
You can feel the place crumbling
Gotta tumble in
Legal back it up, nigga come again!
We're coming in
You can feel the base crumbling
Gotta tumble in
Niggas chop it up, we gotta dumb again
Son, throw your guns again
Shots for the dead and gone
Niggas that wrong, took your chain
You got dead it on
Broke killers, dope dealers what I'm rapping for
Them broke niggas, that's why I keep rapping forward
I keep rapping till get reprimanded
The way I shoot with the left, niggas think I'm left-handed
Niggas get left stranded with the tech 9
When I connect 9, leave your body ready to collect time
Never let nobody disrespect my
Rushed where you were when you hit me on your right lines
Cause anything you say can and will be used against you
And this against the shit that you don't want a nigga into

Powerful impact Boom, boom!

Powerful impact Boom, boom!

[Verse 2 - Sticky Fingaz]
Fuck on this stranded wing
Gun shots let it rip
I still play the blank blink
This is what you better get
Death is always settling, fuck your confederate
20 years later, same niggas, just a better whip
Ya niggas delicate, one hitch ahead and split
I don't work for penuts
I'm a tiger, not an elephant!
But for now I stay to quit just for the hell of it!
Just to bitch at asses once I call settlement
Ain't nothing changed but the Glock and the caliber
You funny ass niggas is not in my caliber
Caught me acting crazy, you can pop in the cabbage, bro
Niggas need to stop, before I caught back the hammer
I scream so much, I type in all caps
You couldn't fuck with me, if I was writing your raps
What if no gangsta said if it's feel right and [??]
Sticky Fingaz get niggas hype and all that


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