Onyx - Hammers On Deck

Текст песни Onyx - Hammers On Deck

[Hook x2]
Hammers on deck, hammers on deck
Hammers on deck, we got them hammers on deck

[Verse 1 - Fredro Starr]
Ayyo, hammers on deck, 40 grand on my neck
Ten on my wrist, bump fifty for the whip
Standin' on the set, four fifth on my hip
Sixteen in the clip, plus one in the hat
I don't like guns, but without one, I'll be dead
Hammers on deck, like I work construction
Shooters on deck, quick, go merk somethin
Got a new connect in the sheets, four automatic
Niggas will give it to ya when you caught in traffic
A board with plastic, they don't even look well
When them hammers come out, they be shook for real
Walk in the dealership, hammers on deck
I walk out the jewelry shop, hammers on deck
In that GT, bad bitch, hand on the dress

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2 - Sticky Fingaz]
Shit, we in the club, blamers on deck
I got the kind of ammo that the man you respects
And if you speak to me, imagine there's a gun in your face
Cause if you step outta place, nigga
That's gon' be the case
In a trunk I got mask and surgical glovies
Besides, Who's gonna care if I murder for thugs?
If I'm chilling with my family (Hammers on deck)
If it's just my bitch and me (Hammers on deck)
Everywhere I go it's like I gotta armed guard
Cause I'm always armed and they call me the god
A nigga tryna take my food, will be no discussions
Just some consequences and repercussions
With them hammers on deck

[Hook x4]

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