Onyx - Hustlin' Hour

Текст песни Onyx - Hustlin' Hour

Hustle hard!
Get your hustle hard, go 'head
Get your hustle hard, y'all go 'head
Late night hustling, [??]

[Verse 1 - Fredro Starr]
Three am, hustling now is
You better get your money, you ain't fucking with ours!
We build up from the ground up, like the towers
Keep it uncut, we don't fuck with the flour!
Late night dope sails, opium dope sails
Homes in the hotels, cope with cartels
Oh well, the feds ridin' my coattails
Throw away the key, throwing me in the cold cell
United States ghetto, getting money up in state
First week strong, a hundred thousand at the gate
Ain't no love in the street, but thugs throwing slugs where you sleep
And niggas pull the rug when you [??]
Shout South, nigga, from the heart, like, 'what up?'
Talk South, one thirsty first so blood up!
Homie got sent to the alley alone
[??] no talking, had [??] shut up!

Get your hustle hard (Hustlin hours!)
Go 'head, get your hustle hard (Hustlin hours!)
Get your hustle hard (Hustlin hours!)
Better get your money, you ain't touching ours!
Hustle hard!
Get your hustle hard (Hustlin hours!)
Go 'head, get your hustle hard (Hustlin hours!)
Hustle hard!
Get your hustle hard (Hustlin hours!)
Better get your money, you ain't touching ours!

[Verse 2 - Makem Pay]
All I sell is cocaine, I'm a drug dealer
Now for real, I'm a motherfucking drug dealer!
By my work soft, cook that up
You need a nine, straight drop, I hook that up!
Streets keep calling, it's hard for me to quit
Just when I think I'm out, they need a brick
Back to the hood again, all black hood again
When I'm round the fiends, know the coke good again!
My hours is from twelve to twelve and
360, 24/7 I'm selling
I get a fuss just bagging that cane
Smoking Mary Jane, packing that thing!
All I do it hustle, fuck it 9 to 5
Stole at 9, make six by 5
It's an all day, process, even on a Sunday
Grind on a dashboard, bring you what you ask for


[Verse 3 - Sticky Fingaz]
Niggas got shooters, got hoes, got hammers [??] sell
Got coke, got weed, got grams and scale
Got anything you need, ain't no way in hell
There's something money can't buy even in jail
In the streets of the landlord, nigga gotta pay rent
Living on a top floor, but came from the basement!
Niggas tryna cover me, foul, catch a flagrant
Hustle so hard, I don't know where the day went
Move work turned bricks to bags
Get fixed for cash, even this [??] for last
Checks [??] smash, tell him, pussy, pimp that ass
Kids [??] [??] you hit the stash!


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