Onyx - Trust No Bitch

Текст песни Onyx - Trust No Bitch

Never trust no bitch
Niggas should have known not to trust that bitch

[Verse1 : Fredro Starrr]
If I was you, I wouldn't piss off them gods
Cause they hit you with their pistols and they stick you with them knives
Whacha sniffin' crystal while you twitchin' with yo eye
Niggas ride [?] stitches for they eye
If you snitch you get sentenced quick, me and my conscious
Bitch niggas must be on barbiturates
Caught you with that bitch you with, six what I hit you with
The more people you fuck over, the more is you get
Don;t get caught up in a situation
Get stuck while you sit and waitin'
And the bitch you datin'
Just a stipulation of the chick you scrapin'
Or the one you holdin' hands, or that bitch you matin'
You proud to be, see, my first bitch, she lied to me
Found out all the shit she hide from me
The whole time, though this chick was gonna ride for me
I put the gun to the head, let her die with me

[Hook] (x4)

[Verse 2: Sticky Fingaz]
Since the day we met, I don't even ride with you
Fuck [?], you kiddin'?! I would die for you
I used to love you, bitch, but I can't love you no more
What you parading around town like some goddamn whore?
You cheated on me, you wasn't loyal at all!
If anybody gave you some rap, you gave him the drawers
It's no wonder you got raped by a pack of niggas
Now with these all you is is just ass and titties
Used to sound so beautiful, used to feel pure, used to make me feel good about going in raw
But you ain't been the same er'since you move down south
Heard a bunch of ATL niggas champed you out
I got pictures, videos, tweets won't quit
Even heard you been suckin' some R&B dick
Damn, you was my hip-hop bitch
I mean, you was hip-hop, and you was my bitch

[Hook] (x4)

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