Onyx - TurnDaFucUp

Текст песни Onyx - TurnDaFucUp

Er'body, TurnDaFucUp
Er'body, TurnDaFucUp
Er'body, TurnDaFucUp
Er'body, TurnDaFucUp
Er'body, TurnDaFucUp
Er'body, TurnDaFucUp
Er'body, TurnDaFucUp
Er'body, TurnDaFucUp

[Verse 1: Fredro Starr]
Yeah, if you want it, you can get it right here
You can get stuffed in the trunk in the rear
Niggas gettin dunked in the peer
Rollin' thru the truck with a blunt in the ear
Think it until you make the dope, you're not a hard roller
I can sip two beers, I can turn bipolar
Skeet so crazy, I'm flipped, I warped
That's why no mortal fuck with the strip and trust
Everybody got stuck on that road to stardum
But the banks aren't empty, shanks aren't empty
My brain's all safety, I'm locked to the beat
Neva fall off, even if I loose my feet
I work all day, so I sleep all night
Then wake up with the Bentley with the football lights

That's how I took yo wife
Told "baby, we can kick it like in football high"


[Verse 2: Sticky Fingaz]
Sticky fingers, god in the underground
Girls like "oh my god" when I come around
You waskally wabbits, now I gotta gun 'em down
First you want a beat, now you givin' me the runaround
I'll take yo pot, you give me my respect
See if you pass this reality check
I'm half from Ret, but rest assured
When it come to ya'll niggas, less is more
Yeah, I took the hustlers on
They said money don't go, I'll trade a mic and I don't
Make something outta nothin', that's my upbringing
We don't play god but we got the club swingin'
A pr-pr-pr-pr-product, don't need no chainer
Don't need no friends, don't need no favors
I'll wait so loud, I don't need no neighbors
Shawty ain't giving head? but that's a no brainer


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