Onyx - Whut Whut

Текст песни Onyx - Whut Whut

We comin' thru, coming thru
Like what, what

[Verse 1]
I'm going in like a deep cut
Nigga better keep shut
Before you get your ass stomp down and get beat up
Watch how nigga's creep up, right up on your G, what
Rappers better get they security fucking beefed up
Straight up out the darkside, upper east barkside
Lookin' for a mark, nigga's coming out the archives
Attention so thick, you could cut it whith a sharp knife
Not to mention my clique, we starving apartheid

My middle name is fuck that, cause everything is fuck that
Imma bust first, and bet the nigga's won' bust back
Cause they be dead, trust that
Nigga kill a tough act
Cops kickin' down the door, the coke you better flush that
All you nigga's suspect, don't wanna make me upset
Pockets on full and it still ain't enough yet
I'll beat yo ass in public, nigga's better cut checks
I bring it to your face, and nigga's wanna change the subject

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2]
I'm playin' with the chrome piece, waving at your dome, peace
Nigga when it's war, my soldiers don't condone peace
Have you where you can't even walk on your own street
Owe a nigga money they be runnin' in your home piece
Heat up in the north face, so don't need a north face
Screaming fuck the law, keep a gun, cause I lost faith
I'm a fucking lost case, forgot about my court case
Bodies in the trunk, we movin' cross the cross-state

Nigga on some real shit, I take you on a field trip
Bury you six feet, won't have a guilt trip
Do you in real quick, soft as a quilt kit
All my guns filled with hollows, leave you titled
Tryin' to get a meal tick, if I gotta steal shit
I'm out of my mind, or I'm absolutely brilliant
I come with the ill shit, that nigga's can't deal with
When it's a full moon, that's when Sticky Fingaz kill shit


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