Opera Ix - Forgotten Gods

Forgotten GodsOpera Ix7:56

Текст песни Opera Ix - Forgotten Gods

Through the eyes of the raven
I saw the rain falling on the world
The entire nature bending
Under the vehemence of the furious wind
That was the time,
The favour of the Stone, I asked
And they, water in ice,
Turned in response
Widening their warm mouths
Down they pushed me
Into the great Bear's den
Rich and prosperous land,
Of noble blood, of ancient
and fighting race made.
Through a veil Of dreams never born
Drawing the sword
Their King I challenged
Smiling over there I was taken
Where the mystery of the Springs lies
I drank and (under the spell) dreaming I fell
It was the wind Primary engine
To give me the knowledge of
the eternal movement Then the earth
A body gave me and the space was limited
The water
Blood became and my dry flesh refreshed
And above all the fire
Of inspiration the main source
Along the black spiral

Where the eternal tree walk on
Up to the roots of the true power,
I danced
At the base of the spine
The pillar that sustains the worlds,
The great stone have
tuned up a new song
Unlucky you who don't recognize
who gave you life
Small your flame and
Recid your light shall be
If from your land power don't draw
As a new new baby suckling
a right nipple to suck
you should to find
when the thirst for knowledge
your throat will dry
Then you'll become
the voice and the action
Of the earth that made you
And shaping it in return
Under our verb it will be
We the forgotten gods,
Stronger than ever we will be back
When the track is beaten
And the great stones
once again will be honoured.

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