Opera Ix - In The Raven's Eye

Текст песни Opera Ix - In The Raven's Eye

So the vision began
And a mighty wind shook the roots of the nine worlds.
The great wolf of the night roused
And a deep slash cracked open the primordial ice.
I saw him coming from the north
The father of all gods Two crows next to him
Two wolves at his sides
In the grey cape wrapped I saw him coming,
With the name of all things in his hand.
He widened the big eye, this he said: WAR!!
I know, for nine whole nights you hung down from the tree
By the mercy of the wind shaken By the spear injured
To Odin sacrificed, Myself to myself
On that tree, of unknown roots, grown
Nor bread nor drinking horn was given
Towards the ground my look I cast

The runes I picked up Shouting I took them
And from up there I fell.
The eye shut itself And from his hand I fell
The human error I understood.
Almost no soul to sustain me
As if an infernal wind wanted
To tear it away from me.
Through the pain I saw and through it I understood
As too great was the Chaos (at the beginning)
Now too great was the order.
The great millstone of the sky
A new circle was about to be prepared.
It was time for war
Next to our fathers we would have fought once again

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