Opera Ix - Muscaria

MuscariaOpera Ix4:15

Текст песни Opera Ix - Muscaria

Circle within circle
Towards the warm heart of the earth
Circle within circle
Falling Falling inside my wideness
I opened wide the doors of the underworld
Fragment making up
a part of the eternity
In the eternal forest shelter I found
Guest of its big trees
Fed on its abundance
Through unknown land I travelled
In the fatherland, over there
Where the giants dwell
I followed gods' footsteps
Towards an high mountain
Set in its stone a great throne I saw
And on it a small and wrinkled man
Looking at me frowning
under its big red hat I am the great deer
Who runs between dimensions
I am the mother
Who gave birth to all religions
I am the stairway linking the opposites
I am the door leading to the sidh
Great is my spirit Matchless my power
Fear of me, (mortal) men
If afraid of me you are
Then your trembling soul I will eat up
Great will be your medicine
If my words you are able to listen
Great will be your strength
If from the deer's flesh you feed

Great will be your wisdom
If you know how to ride on me.
So then at the house of the gods
I will lead you Going up the great
river Going up the great river
Towards the starry sky
And of a different destiny
I will clad you You will meet all
the spirits and with them you will
compete your strength To be a real men
your humanity you must shed
And when the right time comes
I will kill you So that you might
be born again to life
The only master of your
destiny becoming. Circle within circle
The tired reality is closing
Like a flower at dusk
Waiting for the cold dew
Circle within circle
Following the path of the dawn
Through the night crowded
with its dreams In a sacred glade
I woke up Three moons in the
sky I saw On my knees at the foot of
the king's rock I greeted them
Circle within circle
Then into a wolf I turned myself
And in the night I ran away.
Circle within circle.

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