Operation:cliff Clavin - Another Nothing

Текст песни Operation:cliff Clavin - Another Nothing

just what i wanted to see
another strip mall for me
another place to shop
just what i wanted to see
it goes with the strip mall perfectly
another parking lot
i can't remember when things weren't always quite as bad as this
i can't remember when that parking lot wasn't there
and i remember when when you used to care about it and get mad about it
and you kept asking why oh why
now you don't notice it and no one seems to mind
when will they ever be satisfied
how many strip malls will it take
how many more millions will they have to make
untill they're happy with what they got
they're gonna turn the world into one big parking lot
and i remember the places i used to play
those places are gone today
they cut down my path for an interstate
my childhood has been paved
and i'll know it'll never be the same

i can't help feeling sorry for this place
what a waste
what a waste
sometimes it hard to figure out
what this life is all about
sometimes it's hard to even see
what it has to do with me
this parking lot that we call home
just doesn't feel like home to me
please tell me that i'm not alone
i'm not the only one to disagree
having a hard time tofigure out where i fit into this mess
having a hard time to understand trying to understand why we would want any of this shit
life is more going to the mall
buying what the tv tells you to buy
life is more than having your car
so you can eat and sleep and drive it by
i don't understand i don't understand
i don't understand i just can't see
i guess this just isn't the world for me

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