Operation:cliff Clavin - R N' R

Текст песни Operation:cliff Clavin - R N' R

wish i had your oppurtunities
iwish i had everything i want handed to me
but you take it all for granted
and you don't even know what i mean
cuz i have to pay my own rent
cuz my mom and dad aren't rich
soi take whatever i can get
because they don't give me a fucking cent
now you're going off to college i'm sure you'll be somebody
and i'll bet you'll get a job and end making lots of money
and you're mom and dad will pay the bills
you'll never now how i feel to worry about when you get your next bill and
you've got the nerve to look down on me cause
of where i stand economically

i live the life i chose cause
i don't want to end up working for someone like you
someone like you
some asshole like you
aw yeah
when you're money finally starts rolling in
you'll be living like a king i stay living like a pig
becaues that money you waste when you go out to eat could feed a starving family and
i want to burn down your house and
i want to run your mom and your dad out
and when you're old and living on the street
don't expect to get any sypmothy from me

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