Opeth - Derelict Herds

Derelict HerdsOpeth6:29

Текст песни Opeth - Derelict Herds

Someone died for looking too far
While I was asleep in my house
A child was killed, I heard it from a friend
A war raged in a distant land
Cost me to linger on a piece of text
Someone died
Not here, never here
There was a fever
There is a failure
Are you a believer?
That someone lied to you
You hold it closer to your chest
There was a meaning for this test
But you forgot and it"s gone now
You were controlled somehow
There was a mean time

An invitation of sorts
I remember life
I, I was sick with sorrow
I"d fallen asleep
And dreamt of my sins here
It was your turn
Adamant smile and said, "Thank you"
There was a sickness right in the family
While I shuddered in the cold
Woman hanged for her sins while I craved mine
An old man drowned in this life herd
As I made amends with my fathers
Someone died
Not here, never here

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