Opm - Fish Out Of Water

Текст песни Opm - Fish Out Of Water

I'm tellin' you
Picture this
Another Monday morning
You go to work
But you don't
Why you're goin'
Everyday it's just
The same thing
It's boring
And it feels like
You're going insane
Right now
You don't understand it
Slow down
There's no reason to panic
Because Monday
You're still gonna make it
But you can't get that far
When you're a fish outta water
My friend
Marco Polo
Don't you know
Thats how the game goes
Marco Polo
You're a fish outta water
And I bet you didn't know

Everyday lifes
Gettin' harder
You're livin' like
A fish outta water
You can't breathe
Or you don't bother
That's what it like when
You're a fish outta water

I'm tellin' you
You wake up one day
Look around
Realise you're losin' time
The tide has got you
And you watch as
Your life starts to divide

Thought you'd go
With the flow
Next thing
You know you're drowning
Take a step back and
Check yourself
And then you
Do it again
Right now
You don't understand it
Slow down
no reason to panic
One day you're
Still gonna make it
Fish out of wataer

Marco Polo
Don't you know
Thats how the game goes?
Now I'm underwater
So deep that I'm blind
Feelin' around for inspiration
Somethin' that'll touch me
Grounded so deep
My feet can't even move me
Time runnin' in
The rat race all day
I'm thinkin'
Who's life is it anyways?
Feelin' worthless
Can't even
Find the surface
I'm in ____ purpose
Tide's all low and
I'm all exposed
Wonderin' about
This path I chose
Nobody told you
When to run
Bang bang
You missed the starting gun

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