Opposing Perfection - Black Widows

Текст песни Opposing Perfection - Black Widows

Crying away my sanity
Rotting from the inside out
Trying to let go and relax
Just falling deeper into this chasm of doubt
My skin is burning up
Drenched with sweat and tears
I’m freezing cold
Shivering in fear

Punch my fist through the wall
Frustration, desperation
Can’t take it any more
Depression leads to insomnia
Insomnia leads to depression
Life leads to death
Sickness comes with every breath

My eyes ablaze, dripping blood
The pieces of my heart turned to stone
The vice is closing tightly around my head
Alien to this world, all alone

All the life that used to flow through me
Singed by sadness, leaving embers and ashes
I try to recover, try to heal
The scars remain, society’s gashes

Apathetic towards this fabricated life
Anesthetized by the daily repetition
Zombie-like, the living dead
Stuck in this negative disposition

I’ve got to let go, let go of something
But what, come on get a grip
I need something to hold onto
But everything stable is soon to slip

Those black widows will always crawl back
They’ll get you no matter what
And just as they leave
The babies are already out of the sack

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