Opposing Perfection - Poor Excuse For A Man

Текст песни Opposing Perfection - Poor Excuse For A Man

Bitch do the dishes, your such a fucking slob
I'd be a skilled laburor if drinking was a job
Show me some respect you're the woman and im the man, ha did you say man your not even fucking human!
Take a look around your life all you've got is beer, you've got a belt and a family living in fear.

If your authority is questioned, it off with belt, I'll beat you till you learn woman Then the buckle strikes right upon her face
As the blood rolls down her cheek it mixes with her tears
Any hope she once had now disapapears. I guess the last apoligy was bullshit just like all the rest, you'll lock yourself up in your room crying and feeling depressed and so fucking oppressed.
Fuck that poor exuse for a man.

You've got a child but more important is the bar
He has no father just a long white scar
One day he gets in some trouble so you smack him in the face
there son that'll put you in your place
now what the hell can he do
If he tells he'll be beaten black and blue, but if he keeps it to himself it'll happen anyway, I guess it's all just a catch 22.


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