Opposing Perfection - Youth Of Today

Текст песни Opposing Perfection - Youth Of Today

I listen to the kids and wait with anxiety
I clench my fists and scratch my head
Can't stand to be part of this society
They reject life and laugh at the dead
I hear them laugh at others' grief
I just stare back in disbelief
I hear them laugh at others' pain
Today's posterity is driving me insane

Whatever happened to the youth of today?
So many lives are wasting away
Aspiration to abomination
Inspiration to agitation
Irritation and limitation
Caused by this vicious generation
Whatever happened, I cannot see
They're desensitized to humanity

Open your eyes
It's on your flickering TV
This isn't a nightmare
It's reality
Children playing with guns
Who make games of violence
Parents who don't care
If you look around it's in the air
Motivated by greed
Fueled by hate

Their hearts recede
Their minds abate

Walking home
All on his own
A window rolls down
Five rounds are fired
He's lying on the ground
A roar is heard as the car drives away
That's your fucking youth of today

Teased constantly
By everyone at school
Wasn't normal wasn't cool
I'll get back all that I've lost
I'll make those motherfuckers choke on their own blood

Came in and took out a .22
Opened fire struck down fifteen
Thirteen injured, the other two dead
Grinning with satisfaction, he cackled and said:

Thanks for joining me
I'm glad that we could play
Born and raised in the USA
That's your fucking youth of today

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