Orange 9mm - Facelift

Текст песни Orange 9mm - Facelift

Judging generations
hating at the speed of light
What my grandfather seen was a fright
Should I blame all of you who don't look just like me
talk just like me, walk like me
for your associations and bloodliness

To the droppers of lighting
Burn up the treaty unwritten
Past forgiven
Now ask their children are we cool?
Or are we still wearing the same shoes
As I bop my head to today's news
changed views, strange clues millennium cues.
Invade the minds of us
struggle to push thought thru
from behind the rush of krush grooves.
Right now I speak with you,
all new thought starts with few.
And spreads itself like flu,
to those receptive to
new versions of the truth.
Right now I give just one to you.

Anyone can say anything and confuse it
What would you really say facing the music
Pinned down no choice to make we are the bruises,
the world's changing it's face thru music

Judging generations
criminals demanding to keep people in cages

from slavery to cocaine bids.
I said criminal, subliminal society.
What I speak when I say that might surprise thee.
I mean the power people beyond the reach of
life's coliseum-like fight to the death mentality
(Learning that) same rule applies,
corporate jails make cash from your deflated sails
if you can't afford to post bail.
Stock options rise if poverty helps you fail,
we're not far from having someone we're forced to hail.
And that would be a living hell.

Judging generations
realize you can flip your thoughts,
in 30 years sons and daughter might feel lost,
if they played this back.
The same way shame grabs you
drop of a hat,
if I mention a cruel fact.
Now you know you can fight back
you could do it out of respect,
keep our past in check.
Bull-heading to the future, find sutures.
the world's a gaping wound we're the losers.
Sooner or later drop death on neighbors.
Our saviors are ourselves.
I can't hate you we share the earth,
I need you, you need me.
Otherwise we're casualties,
dinosaurs part two,

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