Orange 9mm - Ultraman Vs. Godzilla

Текст песни Orange 9mm - Ultraman Vs. Godzilla

Hello, is anybody home?
I'm here but I'm chained to my lead.
Hello, is anybody home?
Answer the phone let me read you a poem.

Swim across the ocean and then bring it back to me
Crawl under the Earth and find yourself
Something to eat.
That's fine If you feel selfish when life
Brings you to your knees.
That's fine ifyou feel selfish just save
Some of it for me, and don't you

Leave me to rot here like this
I sink into the quicksand of my bed.
The monster inside me has shown it's head
I'll beat it next time.

Close my eyes, open my arms
Watch the universe fall in my chest,
What I feel ain't nothng yet.
Dreams and colors fade fates regret.
What I see this fantasy may cheat thru
My reality but living in my weakest seat,
Will only cause me to bleed deceit.
And numb me here right to my clothes,
Scorch my skin answer the phone.
I know you're threre hiding in your hair,
Afraid of what I've come to bear
Hear my voice twist with the pain,
I know it doesn't sound the same,
Now that there's not much left of me
Answer the phone and cry tears or bleed.

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Orange 9mm - Ultraman Vs. Godzilla?

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