Orange August - Last Year

Текст песни Orange August - Last Year

I think she doesn't study a lot. It's just that she doesn't has anything better to do.
If we say Hei, do you wanna go out with us? she says ok, I'll meet you guys at midnight.
If she gets out earlier by eleven o'clock she already want's to go home. She claims that she's tired and that she want's to read a little bit before going to sleep. Probably some too much tecnical cience book that I just don't get.

Me, I'm stuck with some Kafka shit and other stupid existencialist crap.
She just bought a Kundera book....I guess I'll buy one too.

Anyway, thanks for the carnival and those days at you place.
By the way, I think that I should also thank you for doing just about everything that I ask you to.
I'm sorry for that year when I hardly spoken to you.

I'm pretty sure that it was all my fault so don't worry about it.
You deserve better than me and I deserve nothing better than this.

Last year was great!! Just breathing the same air as you and seeing you at school....
It still gives me goose pimples when I read your last letter. I love that part where you wrotte we could have dated if you only had told me how you felt about me and then you crossed it all off but not enought so that I could still read it under the strokes of your pen.

I'm pretty sure that It was all my fault so don't worry about it.
You deserve better than me and I deserve nothing better than this.

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