Orange Merchants - Brain Failure (restart)

Текст песни Orange Merchants - Brain Failure (restart)

As my brain starts to think into space
I start to tick like a bomb
Moving from my room to a deserted place
I’m not realizing what is going on

Something is letting me down
I’m having trouble moving around

Contemplating tasks becomes a tiring chore
I used to screw them around but now I’m their whore

I’m counting the rounds
Without counting the shots
I’m shooting everything down
Unaware of all that I’ve lost

I will always remember how I learned to forget
I think my mind’s crumbling inside my head
But it’s not a pile of ruins quite yet

I can barely sing these lines
I haven’t had some decent sleep
In such a long, long time

As the clock tries to snap me awake
I throw it hard against the wall
Disturbances make my body shake
Now my tolerance ladder takes a fall

My head starts to spin around
As my blood is circulating down

Despite my mind I have great health
Always took such good care of myself

I’m making slim odds
Of my chances of getting through thiq

This isn’t fraud
Bet against me and you’ll win big

I will always remember how I learned to forget
I think my mind’s crumbling inside my head
But it’s not a memory just yet

I could barely write this song
The riffs were feedback in my head
Their responses felt so wrong

Then I saw through my eyes a different face

Blue eyes to look at the ocean
Black lips to forgive the storm
Pink teeth to bite the shipwreck
And green sand to recover my scorn

So now I’m here
A cold bitter shadow
Miles away from anyone
The water isn’t shallow

I need a rest
From not being the best
I need to think
With nothing to make me sink

So leave now
I won’t take any help
I’ll soon learn how
To get through this by myself

I’m putting my regrets forever on the shelf
I’ll get through all of this by myself

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