Orange Merchants - Jet Flair

Текст песни Orange Merchants - Jet Flair

“Jet Flair”

Missiles are crashing all around us
Peace contracts holding on thin trust
Maybe if this planet explodes
I will bother to care
(But for now I’m staying here)

Millions spent on shuttles
To be sent off where no one goes
We have a place to live
So why bother to care?
(Projects so dumb and vain)

But all these weapons are making a lot of racket
And I’m feeling insecure
Keep my reservation aboard your rocket
I think I’ll need it in the near-future
Blasting out of this place!

You elevate to new degrees

I’m sticking to my 9.8 gravity
And when this planet finally blows
I will surely care
(And I’ll buy your shuttle ticket to nowhere)


Things here are getting pretty scary
This once-coercive planet is getting weary
Thousands of years of abuse
Now the oceans are gonna flood
And the sun is going to kill
Was it written in all the prophecies?
I wouldn’t be surprised
Don’t cover your daunted eyes
And be ready to accept your new life
In a dark and airless universe
(brief panicky solo)

The truth is that this planet is going unsteady
So take me aboard I think I’m ready!

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