Orange Merchants - No Moon In The Sky

Текст песни Orange Merchants - No Moon In The Sky

“No Moon In The Sky”

Now that we’ve buried summer
All the ugly things start to live
The river’s freezing over
The air is getting thick

The frozen earth breaks beneath my steps
What if I fell into the world?
The foggy air hides the headlights of cars
So nowadays we can seldom go very far

Now there’s nothing left to see
Grey and white surrounding me
It’s just like an old movie
My days have become blurry

The cold and the snow are coming close
I can feel their icy stare
This morning I saw people down the road
But it was like they weren’t there

Finally winter’s here and everyone’s inside
What if we never came out?
When I tried to run from it I was soon out of breath
So only wheels will careen onto the frozen paths

Now all the flowers are dead
Pretty things are corpses in my head
The fireplace is burning red
But there’s still frostbites in my bed

So whenever I look at the sky
It’s either grey or white
Is it day or night?
No more stars
No more moon
There’s no more moon (4X)
Up there
There’s no moon in the sky

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