Order By Chaos - Water

Текст песни Order By Chaos - Water

(No, don't just recite the words, Close your eyes, and remember...and remember)

Is this just water under the bridge?
Let it go, let it pass
Will my mind accept that?
Try to let you go
Try to leave you be
Will my mind accept that?
I doubt this will ever subside in me
Can you accept that?
I doubt anyone will ever love you like me
Can I accept that?
I doubt anyone will ever make you feel the way I make you feel
Can we accept that?
Can we accept that?

Or is this just water under the bridge?
This feeling so intense
I know that I should let you go
But is this the way you deal with shit?
The way you deal with me
But still I never let you go

Could this be like sand in the hour glass
As the days run together and pass by, time flys
This life we live together
Not a day goes by
That I don't hear your voice
I have to hear your voice atleast
If I can't touch your face
Or see that look in your eyes
I have to see that look before I sleep, and when I wake my love


Is this really over?
Is it all because of me?
Could this really be over for good?
Over for you and me
I'll be so empty
I remain wrenched up inside
Tell me is there any way
That we will ever coincide?

Believe in water you should
Believe in water you will
Is this just water under the bridge?
You're driving me insane
Trying to find someone to blame
There's nothing left in me but hate
My god I resent the world
All because of love for this girl
Is there anyway to make this shit just go away?
Cuz I'm empty
I'm empty
So empty
Please someone just make this go away
Go away
Go away
Go away
Go away
Go away
Go away
Make this pain go away

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