Ordinary Peoples - For it All

Текст песни Ordinary Peoples - For it All

my soul shines through
like light through windowpanes
i'm not wasting time
with no fake ass claims
cause in time it all remains the same,
invisible bars keep holding me back
i'm going insane
not hung up on myself
like a coat rack in fact
i'm quick to move on,
never dwellin’ on the past
knowing my life won't last,
i have a blast when i'm
jumping off walls, spending all my cash
life’s short in actuality,
quickly become a casualty
so move casually in the street,
you won't move at all
without your heartbeat
you'll get cold feet,
smellin’ my scent yeah that's defeat
don't need to hold heat
i got a drive to excel and compete
I speak on what i seek
and when the mic's in my hand
i'm dangerous like quicksand
I’m makin peoples understand
they messin with the name brand

I’m for it all, down for it all
Let’s get goin’ get up off the wall
We’ll surivive , let’s all jive
Turn us up then you all get live 2x

i'm on the far side,

like gary larson
set the mic on fire
and I got away with arson
it's part of my steelo,
your rhymes are like grams
i'm pushin' kilos,
crushin' egos
like girls that don't want you
with all due respect,
don't you dare press eject
this is something real for your intellect,
we balance like ph levels,
to keep your mind settled
our tracks are steamin' like a kettle
we're brothers like the Nevelle’s
keepin it real,
true hip-hop rebels with a universal feel
i don't spread negativity,
i'm never tellin' lies
I’m lookin’ in your face,
I can see it in your eyes.
it don't hurt, to memorize my verse
rhymes pushed like pedals,
and i'm always coming first
so to the other emcee's,
you better be clever
and get your plan together
cause i'm down for whatever

I’m for it all, down for it all
Let’s get goin’ get up off the wall
We’ll survive , let’s all jive
Turn us up then you all get live 2x

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