Ordinary Peoples - Out of Control

Текст песни Ordinary Peoples - Out of Control

Seven kids on a high speed chase
Driving fast like a Nascar race
Each with a pale face and no time to waste
Cause they movin’ at a fast pace,
5-0 was gaining as they swerved through traffic
kid had a bowl and he started to pack it,
laughing at the scene, being chased by the SWAT team
shattered dreams they did it all for the cream
now the chase is on like New Jersey Drive
in and out of cars swervin’ side to side
news team overhead broadcasting live
out of control they trying to stay alive

speed out of control, nowhere to go4x

cops on their tail lights are flashing
headed for jail, yeah the thoughts are passing
pedal to the metal with the windows down
police chasing them all over the town
helicopter in the sky, spotlight in their eye
Biggie CD in, cause they Ready to Die
Sirens screaming, steaming through road blocks
Ducking shots, yeah the scene was top notch
They turned, hit the curb, but still going
Gas was low, but the fear was growing
Top speed tires squealing barely in the lead
Running red lights, every limit they’d exceed.

speed out of control, nowhere to go4x

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