Ordinary Peoples - Rhymes & Beats

Текст песни Ordinary Peoples - Rhymes & Beats

Back in the day when I was a teenager ,
Before I had status, before I had a pager,
I found hip-hop andfell in love with the hits
and thoughI’ve grown up yeah I’m still pumpin it’
You Feel the rhythm and the rhyme when ya playin it loud,
hip-hop all the time, you know it rocks the crowd,
see if your an MC than the skillzpay the bills
So pass the m-I-c cause I’m tryin to make mills
I rap to get a grasp on this thing called reality
and burn emcees quick like Jenny Craig with a calorie
got love for the DJ’s on the 1’s and 2’s
And for the b-boys breakin with the shell toe shoes
For all the MC’s who are doin’ their thing
m New York to Cali, come on and let’s sing
from Brooklyn to the Valley, bob yourheads to the beat
and in time, come on and check the rhyme

Rhymes and beats on the streets,
People lovin’ hip hop, hip hop 2x
Got me feet on the ground , but my head’s up in the sky,
Hip hop is universal , through it we unify
The lyrics and the beats, are the code to the streets
It’s created by the players, pimps geaks and freaks
Critics turned their cheeks, but the streets turned the table
so now it’s embraced by every single recordlabel
the tables quickly turned and it earned it’s place,

so now it’s safe too say , hip hop is here to stay
respect to Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Pete Rock,
rest in peace Tupac, you know it just don’t stop
I give props to Gangstarr, and to de la soul
Much love to B.I.G and the stories he told
A tribe called quest , and Funkmaster Flex
the Roots, Common Sense, and to all of the rest
all my old school heroes,and the new school leaders
in the 2 triple zero , doubters turned to believers

Rhymes and beats on the streets,
People lovin’ hip hop, hip hop4x

This is for my people who love hip hop,
Say we won’t quit, no we won’t stop
And this for my people lovin’ rock and roll
Say we won’t stop cause we out of control
And this for the DJ’s and the real MC’s,
Say we gonna rock it as loud as we please,
And this is for my people all across the land
Say no one does it like O.P. can

Rhymes and beats on the streets,
People lovin’ hip hop, hip hop 4x

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