Ordinary Peoples - Sittin' Back

Текст песни Ordinary Peoples - Sittin' Back

He sits back, has a thought, contemplates
Reminiscing ‘bout the days at the top, fake a smile
Fake a lifestyle, realize that he hasn’t come real in awhile
Now that the days are gone, he clears his head, figures out what was wrong
He was kid naпve, not realizing the greed
How people feed ya, bleed dry
A picture from another eye
He was a man with a different plan, now his hand is out control
He feels his soul but he can’t control what is gone
Now he ought, to come back on the track
“You realized that your style is just so wack,
Trying to be a big star, driving in a fancy car
But deep down, you don’t know who you are…”

Just sittin’ back,
Tryin’ to stay on track

He ran with the big time players, quick to do a favor

Till he became a major factor
Rapper/slash actor, he obeyed his master when told
Came fresh out the mold
Then his heart turned cold when he rolled with the big dogs
Paid any cost acting like the boss
But in a flash it was all lost
Quickly gave up his seat in the throne
Now he’s all alone, wants to go home
Like Brand Nubian said
“Don’t let it all go to your head”,
You have to beat the spread in order to get ahead of it all
Quickly fall, cause I be subliminal
Original, criminal, directed at the second rate MC’s
We free entire sections, with deception of the concept

Just sittin’ back,
Tryin’ to stay on track

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