Ordinary Peoples - Us

Текст песни Ordinary Peoples - Us

Me is me and you is you
And with each step we’ll make it through 2x

We are simple individuals, different fathers
A run around rat race, mad bothers
Untamed aggression, needing collars
One a athlete, one a scholar
see life’s is a constant struggle, so why mess with the petty games?
Too much pain on the street, let’s break these chains
All the hate’s bringing unity to flames
So let’s change what’s been broken
Don’t leave anything unspoken
Jump on our bus you don’t need a token….

Me is me and you is you
And with each step we’ll make it through 2x

Another second gone by that you can’t replace
Try keeping memories locked in your safe
Throw away the horrors, the good one’s embrace
there’s so much more than the paper chase
$, cars, clothes not of that you’ll take
the Q’s come down to is life determined fate

that you have to activate
come on let’s get it straight
we aint got time to waiste
and if there’s a problem, we gonna come up and stop ‘em
keep it proper

Me is me and you is you
And with each step we’ll make it through 2x

well me is me, and you is you
together wemoving through as one crew
unified forever
for worse and for better
knowing that there’s more than the cheddar
stay in line, gonna shine, fight past crime
we never gonna go blind
equality for each, practice what I preach
ordinary peoples who we reach
we’re really all the same, labeled by a name
and we play the same game
the writing’s on the wall together we stand
divided we fall it’s for us and all…………

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