Origin - Echoes Of Decimation

Текст песни Origin - Echoes Of Decimation

Echoes of Decimation

The voice of the dying
Multitudes of crying
Have been saved
Echoes of the conquered
Resounding- through all our minds
Blessings of their hatred
Are merging
Confluence of their screams
Conduncing- reverberate
Injecting their venom
In our brains horrid convulsions upon the bold concussions
They - suffer...
For - ever...
They bleed
They scream...
Lost - victims...
Have - re - turned
To us..
To - tell us...
We'll bleed
We'll see...
What - happens...
In our vastness
Centuries of murder, hatred and disorder
Screaming through our thin minds,
From our dreams we can't hide
Dragged into the violence, kicking, screaming, mindless

Deaths in tune with all past lives
Have come forth now to surmise
Ears - overwhelmed - and - eyes open wide
Souls - of billions - are - now heard on high
Fragile minds cannot stand the lies
That are laid down upon their lives

The - solution - of - their reprises
Is - to meltdown - now - all of our minds
Echoes of - cadaver mutation
Echoes of - havoc infestation
Echoes of - body mutilation
Echoes of - of our decimation
Our decimation
Our decimation
Our decimation - echoes
Sure decimation
Sure decimation
Sure decimation - distant
Sheer decimation
Sheer decimation
Sheer decimation - echoes
Pure decimation
Pure decimation
Pure decimation - growing
Echoes of - cadaver mutation
Echoes of - havoc infestation
Echoes of - body mutilation
Echoes of - of our decimation
Echoes of decimation!!
Echoes tearing apart our mortal minds
Driven to suicide to end the cries
Only to become the ones we now flee
No ways to restore, our lives are not free
Sounds - crushing
Mind - numbing
Co - phosis
Is - the reward
Mind - crushing
Sound - numbing
Pure - deafness
Now - is rewarding

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