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Текст песни Origin - Lethal Manipulation (The Bonecrusher Chr

Bones begin to break, smash your fuckin' face.
Beaten, you plead to live.
Born to mutilate, live to desecrate, die, I will kill again.
Adrenaline rush, pumping through my veins, boiling in my blood. Methodically, this hunt has just begun!

Death, by the power of my hands, the strength of my grasp.
My skull crushing blows.
Arms, tight around your neck, trying to get loose.
Hard for you to breathe.
Life, hanging by a thread, from underneath your chin.
Nothing you can do.
Blood is starting to get thin, from lack of oxygen.
Question if you ever wake up.

I force you to forfeit, my raw strength, force you to submit.
Tight locks ripping your tendons, rear back choke,
Squeezing your life out, neck breaks, just crushed you too hard. Face cut up from a savage beating.
Blood pools beside my victim, now give up.


Funny position you got yourself into,
pinned down, bleeding badly, I start to beat your fuckin' head in. Domination, physically I rule, termination, Execution - you die. Such a fool, fatal mistakes, no next time, you shall die.

Why did you fuck with me? You got what you deserved.
Fuck you, motherfuck you, fuck you, motherfuckin' cocksuckin' fuck.

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