Origin - She Say

Текст песни Origin - She Say

[Verse 1: Origin]
Beauty's only skin deep
And She got great skin
But She got grape skin
You find out from braking in
All the ugliness within
The heroin and Gin
She hides it behind a grin
I try to be her friend
But like a which she boils over
Like a b*tch she rolls over
They call her a prepaid 'cuz all of the dudes she rolls over
So soon as her role's over
She goes over
To find cover
From the one's she think that love her
She turned to her mother, sister, and brother
They said they couldn't help her further
Her friends said they could do nothing for her
She had to pay child support because of a court order
She lost her child and had no one to support her
Went to rehab
To try to get some of the things She lost back
Like her family, her mother and her dad
Some of the things she had
Now she sitting in a room wondering how it got so bad
Scribbling with a pen and a pad
Its so sad
I know that
She didn't mean for it to go this far
Now She got a broken heart
Family so far
Away (away)
Not it hurts her to sit and think of when she was little and used to play
She'd be with her daddy and always have, the greatest time
He told her get her grades up
She could have a dia-mond-ring
And anything
Even a boyfriend
And she said (yuck daddy)
Look dad
I don't want that
But where dem books at
A diamond sounds nice dad
Now i wish i had
More time to bring it up
And now She just says (yuck daddy)
Because her family is
So far away
And it pains her day
In and day out
To think about everything that she cares about
Her life's over (yeah)
At least in her mind and
She just wants to start over

And have a better time and
Think about all of her timing
How it was off and if she could change it
Now, she have regrets
But she don't sweat it
She Just trying to correct it
Getting all them jerks like- epileptics
And now she just says (yeah)

Oh yeah now she just says Yeah (Oh yeah now she just says Yeah)
But She used to say (yuck daddy)

[Verse 2: Origin]
Now lets move on to the future
Ima show you guys a new her
We can take it in slow motion
She gon show all us devotion
Is what she used to say
Now today she getting paid
Cuz she learned how to use her brain
She will never be the same
All the promises she made
She lived to fight another day
Then she met a man
Who was legally ordained
And helped her change the last name
In the back of her mind she still the same
Person that will sit in the corner everyday
Think to herself and pray
In her mind she would just say
That's why its hard for a person to change
Cuz in the back of your mind you still the same

[Outro: Origin]
In the memory, she still the same
Wondering if he tryna stick his quills in me
She feel the pain
There is envy inside her lane
And she can swiftly go insane
From hearing everybody saying
Man, people can't really change
Can't appreciate a good thang
She don't know one when She see it
There is something wrong with her brain
She is clinically insane
And after hearing these thangs
She goes right back to saying

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