Origin - Wrath Of Vishnu

Wrath Of VishnuOrigin4:43

Текст песни Origin - Wrath Of Vishnu

All Pervading – Destroyer of all existence
Past and future – Created and then erased
The universe – Sustained by the will of Vishnu
Incarnation – Mortals are dehumanized
Desolation – Immortals now isolated
Termination – Expiration of eons
Eradicate – Souls and lives that have existed
Cessation of – All solar proclivities

Prehistoric devastation before all worlds not created
Shifting all consistencies – Blind – To perception
Subjective obliteration, Downtrodden – Expense for live
Ominous omens of deceased prophetic somnolency
Man has been unlimited to rape and kill unmitigated
Presence of impunity – Fall – Impiety
Revelation, duplication – Of the great audacity
Shiftless nubile destiny to change the processes of time

Inclination to, feed from failed life
Weeping dead souls lie
Fragments from all time, conjoined to unwind
Vital life blood dies
Idle idolatry, ignore necessity
Inflames, our destiny

Sickened by excess of sin
Untold end yet to begin
Smote forth from entitlement
Permanence from nothingness
Time itself, will now perish

Absolute pain in reiteration
Pervade sufferance and mutilation
Prevail exotic excruciation
Wrath of Vishnu – Mortal Revolution

Absolute pain in reiteration
Pervade sufferance and mutilation
Prevail exotic excruciation
Wrath of Vishnu – Coil of revelation

Destiny to no longer exist
Ceasing to nothing that is alive or dead
Become existence borne to the winds
Panspermodic procreation consummates
Space between matter now disappears
Collisions of all remaining zygote plains
Abhorrent impurity still breeds
Until all of existence caves in upon itself
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