Original Savers - Another Way To Cry

Текст песни Original Savers - Another Way To Cry

And the world spins around
Without color or sound
As the patters
Drive you insane
And everyone feels
Drunk behind the wheel
You kill yourself reaching for fame

Tomorrow isn’t enough
And the moments hit you so hard
The tattoo on your arm
Feeds a memory of harm
And the lovers that took you so far

And all you can do is
Bleed for others
All you can feel is pain
All you can be is a faded memory
In some tired, played game

And the world will not stop
In the climax of thought
When your mind decodes just how you feel
So you slowly black out
And you try not to shout
As your failures sing a hole in your ear

But you were there

Through thick and thin
Before you realized
That you couldn’t win
And hid yourself in other people’s
Destinies and empty faces

The plaster slowly peels and fades
In the room where you once gave it all away
And time goes floating by
As you kill the lovers from your mind
Remind yourself that memories will die

But it doesn’t help to make believe
To burn the tears
That tomorrow left behind
You clean your face
And forget your past
And pretend that something might last

So this is where it ends
A snapshot in the family album
A memory healing
A broken bottle on the road
A fairy tale left untold
Another way to say goodbye
Another way to cry.

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