Orphaned Land - A Call To Awake

Текст песни Orphaned Land - A Call To Awake

"On to the lands we must go to warn all"
Said the Snake, to the Eagle and the Lion
"Beg them to repent so they might be saved
From the fury and the anger that shall claim them"

And so they set sail across the land and seas alike
In a quest to avoid the setting of the sun

"God's rage is true
He urges you
To awake..."

"Thou has stolen, betrayed
and worshiped pagan gods
Thou must awake, thy lost faith to be saved"

And so spoke the prophets,
as the mob had gathered round
(They) said their empire would soon crumb

and fall down

"Thou art our brothers, hear our call this day
We come not to see your end,
but to revive we pray"

Where did these three come from
asked the crowd anxiously
Furious and confused at the same time,
"Surely these people are lying or jesting.
Either way they are here to cause harm."

"You just be on your way," said the mob as a
warning, "or else (all) hell will break loose!"
"It's all a matter of choice...," said the Eagle
though they really didn't
have much to choose...(From).
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