Orphaned Land - Of Temptation Born

Of Temptation BornOrphaned Land4:42

Текст песни Orphaned Land - Of Temptation Born

I feel the touch of my demise
See the dark begin to rise

And I feel the rage, the endless wrath
Of the one I served before
My love for a mortal being
Here it is of temptation born
I left the God to witch I am sworn
Unto a weak life we are born

I won't be forgiven I cannot lie
This painfull truth I cannot deny
Unto despair was I thrown

All that is left is now to mourn
As the serpent came to Eve
Lead me by charm made belief
The folly of earthly shell
Now forsaken I must dwell
I cry out I call to God where is the hope I once had
It lies forsaken now I see, left out cast on from me
My dreams are filled now to the bream
With godless sights so bare and grim

All that is left now is to cry and ask my God now - Tell me why ?
Deserted and alone I am forever orphaned !!!

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