Oshen - Lonley Souljah

Текст песни Oshen - Lonley Souljah

Hanua maurina balaloa
Mi wokabout long karans i go long stoa
Mi kukim ol mangi na singaut gibic ngayam
Island boy represent the roots
What i am

Lovin the life given the thanks
Sendin the praises where its due
Lovin the fans, island people
Takin a PUFF i think of you
And what you done for me
Dar beyond reality
Life in this pacific sea
All the love you give to me
Life is a way of livin
Its a way of lovin
Its a way of givin
Its a way of carin
So we surving
Take the back seat
Selassie drivin
Full speed ahead me no red me no blue
Drive irie always check the rear view
Village man style is inspiration
Babylon loves incarceation

Lonely souljah bravery never frighten

Light the fire make it smolder
JahJah people unitin
Heavy conscience on my shoulder
Freedoms why we fightin everyday gettin bolder
Populations englightened
I be takin the time to relax and recline
Sure to define whats on my mind
Feel the falme deep inside my spine
Remind you to rewind if you want to Hana Hou
So i can say you got to pray
Wen you're feelin low
Sorrow is erased by his grace
So keep the faith and keep a smile upon your face
Rat race crowdin my space
I wanna leave you with out a trace
Pacific is the place slow the pace

Souljah boy in a babylon
To the zion destination we troddin on
Givin thanks givin praise
Livin prositve so many blessins in the wourld
The most high give
We are the soldier
Pacific soldier
They dont know nottin bout where we come from
A zion soldier a simple soldier
We biggin up all the roots from rich to the slum

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