Otep - Kisses & Kerosene

Kisses & KeroseneOtep4:12

Текст песни Otep - Kisses & Kerosene

I Wish
I Could Have You

In My Clutches

To Remove the Excuses
From Your Mind
To Part That Haze
And Slice Your
Soul Into Pieces

To Sing A Lullaby As
I Tied You To the Slab
To Shave Your Head
With A Dulling Razor

As You Watch
In the Splattered
Mirror Above You

To Break Your Ribs
With A Rock Hammer

To Shatter Your
Shin Bones
With A Shovel

To Burn Your
Fingers & Toes
To A Necrotic Black
With Liquid Nitrogen

To Crack Your Teeth
With A Splintered Club

To Pierce Your Limbs
With A Nail Gun

To Silence Your Cries
To Laugh In Your Eyes

To Sharpen My Favorite
Slicing Device
And Take Your
Arms At the Elbows

To Keep U Alive
For A Few Moments Longer

To Smell Your Fear
To Cover Your Body
With Kisses & Kerosene

To Watch U Burn
As My Human Sacrifice
To Hear You
Scream In Agony

The Popping
Of Your Flesh
As It Cooks

To Feel Your Child Smile
The One U Betrayed
The One You Took

For Nothing
For Selfishness

.............. In A
Perfect World
I Would Get
My Wish

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